La Playa y los bateys!


So since arriving we have seen a lot of things and found out more about what we will be doing. We’ve visited four of the five bateys and will be visiting the fifth one tomorrow. We had a meeting with the head nurse today and discussed what we will be teaching about in the coming weeks. We have a schedule including topics of preventing fungus, scabies, chickagunya virus, stomach bugs, and teaching nutrition to the students in COTN’s I Love Baseball program. We’re excited but nervous to be speaking in front of people about such important information. Yesterday we also went to one of the most scenic beaches in Barahona call San Rafael. We enjoyed playing in the waves and the river next to the beach. ImageThis is the view from one of the schools overlooking the batey called Pueblo Nuevo. We visited the schools in each batey and saw how COTN is at work in each community. ImageThis is a picture from San Rafael, the water was so warm compared to the Pacific that we are used to! Thank you for your continued prayer and support, tomorrow will be our first day teaching in the bateys, so please keep us in your thoughts. -Team DR 


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