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Day 5!


These past 5 days in Barahona have been filled with so many new places and faces, seeing all the different bateys (there are 5) and meeting the people from those communities. Right now, it is hard for me to explain it all in words, it is a mix of so many things. It has been hard adjusting to everyone around me speaking spanish, in the Dominican Republic they speak SO FAST! I cannot keep up. As well, as getting used to what some friends at La Casa have called “Dominican Time”. Time moves a lot more slowly here, and it has been hard to know what to do with in between times. In the States we are so use to filling our free time with things to do or tasks accomplish. But in the DR, things happen when they happen, and its been a learning process getting used to being okay with just relaxing when waiting for lunch or when waiting to go out to the bateys. But besides that, I feel so thankful to be here, especially with my teammates who have been such a blessing to me. Continue to pray for me and my teammates, continue to pray for our host organization COTN, and especially continue to pray for the DR and the people of Barahona. Lastly to my friends and family in the States: I miss and love you all, see you in 2 weeks! – Lauren Frehner 


Hola! My time here in the Dominican Republic has been amazing! I have learned so much in just the few days that I have been here. The people here are so gracious whether it be in the bateys, in town, or at la casa. I have been so blessed to be here with the team and working with Children of the Nations in the bateys. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks to continue teaching and learning from the communities. -Rosemary Padilla

Hey friends and family! I’m so thankful for the time you’re taking to follow our trip’s blog. This time in the DR has been so great already; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the many people who help us out (our cooks, driver, host, “guardian” (security guard) and the office staff and translators). We’ve seen amazing things and witnessed the overwhelming love of God from our hosts. We’ve been fairly healthy and the food has been so good! It’s been helpful for us to journal and spend time together in the pool at the casa or just talking after our meals. I’m grateful for our opportunity to meet so many people and learn so much from the Dominican Culture. The bateys have been interesting and very educational about how Dominicans live. We has our first teaching experience yesterday in the poorest of the bateys and now have some strategies for next week. Please pray for our teaching, that it would be helpful and effective. We’re still working out the kinks of using a translator and bridging the language gap. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I’m excited that we’re still getting into our groove and still have almost two full weeks to keep refining our lessons. -Lauren Isham

iHola! Although we’ve only been in the Dominican Republic for five days, it seems like much longer. I am learning so much from the community and the people we have met so far- the generosity of our translators, drivers, and hosts is astounding.My Spanish is still not up to par, but smiles, jokes, and (as I’ve recently discovered) the popular Dominican game of dominos transcend all language barriers. I am beyond blessed to be in this beautiful place surrounded by kind, generous people, and I’m looking forward to teaching and learning alongside my teammates and the people of the bateys in the coming weeks. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts!   -Madeya Talmadge

Hola de Barahona, First of all, thank you for all of the prayers and thoughts! I think that we had a very smooth transition of coming into the DR because of them. The first couple of days were pretty relaxing and we were able to see 4 out of the 5 bateys as well as visit the beach! Yesterday was our first day of filling out health files for the children in Algodon as well as our first opportunity to teach about health based issues and their prevention within the batey. Much of this experience is even more of a learning experience for me in that the power of our teaching and its importance is going to come from God planting the information within those who are hearing it. Please pray for further humility in our team as well as God’s presence during the work we will be doing in the other bateys. We have met so many people here already and it has been so good to experience a much happier lifestyle here in the DR. I miss and love you all so much, but I will have many stories to tell once back in the States. Our next two weeks will fly by! – Shannon Campbell 


La Playa y los bateys!


So since arriving we have seen a lot of things and found out more about what we will be doing. We’ve visited four of the five bateys and will be visiting the fifth one tomorrow. We had a meeting with the head nurse today and discussed what we will be teaching about in the coming weeks. We have a schedule including topics of preventing fungus, scabies, chickagunya virus, stomach bugs, and teaching nutrition to the students in COTN’s I Love Baseball program. We’re excited but nervous to be speaking in front of people about such important information. Yesterday we also went to one of the most scenic beaches in Barahona call San Rafael. We enjoyed playing in the waves and the river next to the beach. ImageThis is the view from one of the schools overlooking the batey called Pueblo Nuevo. We visited the schools in each batey and saw how COTN is at work in each community. ImageThis is a picture from San Rafael, the water was so warm compared to the Pacific that we are used to! Thank you for your continued prayer and support, tomorrow will be our first day teaching in the bateys, so please keep us in your thoughts. -Team DR 

Estamos Aqui!


We’ve safely arrived in Barahona, after a flight to Santo Domingo that got in this morning. We enjoyed the drive to the casa and had a great dinner. Tomorrow we start touring the villages and getting a better understanding of what we’ll be doing. We are thankful for all the prayers for our travelling. We are tired from our delayed overnight flight, but excited for what tomorrow holds. -Team DR

And away they go!


This evening all five team members met at SeaTac Airport on their way to Santo Domingo. Over the next three weeks they’ll work alongside Children of the Nations’ community health programs, teaching health programs and learning a lot along the way.

They’ll post an update when they reach the Dominican Republic tomorrow. In the meantime, please contact me at if you have questions.

Thanks for your support of these students!



Leaving so soon?


Image We leave in 14 days! Team DR is working hard to finish up finals and prepare for our trip. This photo is one of the most scenic places that DR is known for, and one we might get to go to. Today we met with the team leader from last years team and heard stories of how welcoming and open people are going to be. We are so excited to be visiting and learning more about the culture and to hear the peoples’ stories, and we look forward to maybe sharing our own. We hope that as we finish up the next few weeks that you would pray for/with us and continue to wait in hopeful anticipation to see what God will do in/through us in the DR, in addition to the work of His people for His kingdom already taking place in the DR. Thanks for following our blog!!