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La Bodega Adventure


Hey Blog followers!,

Here’s an update on some of the fun ways we have been preparing for our trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. BannerWe visited a cute little restaurant downtown near Yessler and 4th that has Dominican Cuisine. We had a team meeting along with some delicious food. Lauren Frehner said “When we entered into La Bodega I was overwhelmed with the nostalgia of familiar smells that I remembered from my childhood. Not only was the food there exceptional, it was affordable & the location was just a bus ride away from campus.” How cool! We also had the opportunity to get to know each other better when Lauren F. and Madeya shared their life stories with us. Rosemary said “I enjoyed learning more about Madeya and Lauren through life stories. I think this was also a good way to prepare us for what we should expect when we get to the DR, not only food wise but also communicating and working together.” Our working together was important as we took the bus to an unfamiliar part of town and had to figure out some of the logistics. The staff were super friendly and asked us about our trip, so hopefully we can return and let them know how it went after we return in July. The decor was also great, and showed us a lot of pictures actually from the DR. Thanks for keeping up with us, and let us know if you have any ideas of other restaurants we should try!Group Pic