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Meet Team DR! Part 3


1456619_10200974576549871_835703413_nRosemary Padilla is a freshman hoping to major in Exercise Science from Silverdale, Washington. She is most excited about meeting people, building relationships, and learning about their culture in the Dominican Republic. Rosemary enjoys sports especially fast pitch softball and tennis. She also is an avid collector including buttons, postcards, and coins.

Meet Team DR! Part 2


1797626_10202086524143651_1434953515_nLauren Frehner (Yes, we have two Laurens!) is a junior Psychology major. Her hometown is Port Angeles, Washington and she loves her family’s Chile Verde. “The food, the people, and the culture are what excite me most about going on a SPRINT Trip.” She also enjoys the Seattle coffee shop scene in her free time.

Meet team DR! Part 1



Lauren Isham is a sophomore intending on majoring in Nursing and is from the small town of Dallas, Oregon. She is most excited about the opportunity to learn about another country, culture, and to be able to go outside of the United States. She enjoys organizing things and loves volunteering here with people in Seattle.